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    We went to the Calgary Baby Show this weekend and I must say I was horribly dissapointed.  Knowing that the show was held at the Roundup Center (which is huge) made us think that it would be a relatively large event, and the promotional materials promised “New technologies” and “latest baby innovations” so when we showed up and paid the $10 per person to enter and saw only a fraction of the vendors that would fit in the space (over 1/2 the space was just…empty), and NO new technology of any type it was very disappointing.  In fact, we were so unsatisfied leaving that we went to Babies-R-Us and had a much better time checking things out there.

    Afterwards we looked online and it appears that the vendors were charged over $2000 for a booth there.  The foot traffic there was light to moderate, but I can’t imagine too many vendors made their money back with the small crowd we saw.  With about 35 vendors at $2000 each plus $10 per person for entrance, I’d speculate that the only ones satisfied with the event were the organizers, counting their large stacks of profts for an event poorly done.

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